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              1. Painting the special beauty and learning list parent-child classroom "small dentist first experience", perfect ending!

                from:TintZone painted special public number 2018/07/20 hits: 4553
                abstract:The paintings of the United States and the school's parent-child class are perfect! In the Nanshan malt mouth, the little babies incarnate the little dentists, not only do fun and fun dental examinations, but also complete the TintZone paintings with the T-shirts under the guidance of ramie What kind of creativity will your own masterpiece, childlike fun and TintZone paint the beautiful artboard?

                      Dangdang! On Saturday, the painting of the special beauty and academic class parent-child class perfect ending! In the Nanshan malt mouth, the little babies incarnate the little dentist, not only did a fun and fun dental check, but also under the guidance of ramie TintZone has painted his own masterpiece, and what kind of creativity will TentZone and TintZone paint?

                      Painted special beauty board quietly waiting for children to enter

                  In the afternoon, 10 children from 9 families arrived at the malt oral office on time. It’s rare that Baobao’s parents can set off with their children on weekends and participate in the parent-child classroom where we combine the special beauty and the academic list. The children can’t help but be happy!

                  Children wearing white coats are unusually cute

                  The organizers also prepared a gift for each family -

                  The activity started! The staff and the children visited the various disinfection rooms and examination rooms of the dental hospital. The mysterious career of the dentist slowly unveiled the veil -

                  This kind of parent-child experience is of course indispensable to the guidance of professional dentist staff. The beautiful and lovely swallow sisters have met many novel and fun medical devices with everyone~

                  Next, the fun and friendly dentist told the children about professional dental tips and healthy oral habits. The children rushed to speak!


                     "Everyone looks at this tooth in my hand, what is it doing?" - "It is eating your hand!!!!"

                     It’s really a child’s words, the whole classroom is lit up with innocence, and parents can’t help but laugh. Next, the dentist invited the little dentist to perform on the stage to brush his teeth -

                     The three-and-a-half-year-old Linlin’s children volunteered to brush their teeth and watched her cute, and her heart was gone!

                  I learned the professional oral knowledge, visited the dental medical equipment, and went to the small dentists to display their artistic skills.

                  Our models are cute, the list is great, the ears of the triangles, the chubby chubby sticks, what will it look like in the children's pens?

                  I paint

                  I will paint again

                  Against the painting

                  Drawing and painting:

                  In the end, the 2D painting session is over, and the little dentists and moms and dads have all played their full imagination. After all, the best creative awards will give us a carefully prepared gift!

                  Prepare for the award! And slow! First insert a round of exciting lottery! Every child has got a thousand paper cranes, and take it apart with Mom and Dad. What surprises will there be?

                  It turned out that this group of lucky families took our TintZone painted special smart tablet!

                  Don't be discouraged by families who are not drawn, pay attention to our follow-up activities, and if you have a prize, you will be in it!

                  In the end, our best 2D painting award was given to the little dentist who has studied art for more than two years! Look at this line, this touch is not the same for children who have studied art!

                  In the laughter and laughter, our activities are coming to an end, and every child who participates in the small dentist activity has received the certificate of completion from the joint list & malt mouth!

                  You see, the future of every child is full of possibilities. They can be small dentists or small artists! TintZone will provide unlimited motivation for the extension of their artistic cells. Finally, thanks to the organizers of the event, thanks to the venue for providing the Nannan Malt Dental Institute, this article Part of the picture material source list public number.

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